Salt and bay leaf in the house are worth gold: the many hidden uses

Salt, both coarse and fine, along with bay leaves, play pivotal roles not just in our kitchens but also as functional elements throughout the household.
Salt, a staple in every kitchen, comes in different textures – coarse and fine. Its culinary versatility is known to all, from seasoning to preservative. Bay leaves, with their distinct aroma, enhance the flavor of many dishes and are celebrated for their digestive benefits.
But beyond the kitchen, these two ingredients have myriad applications, many of which are lesser-known but equally powerful.
The Power of Coarse Salt:
Found universally in homes, coarse salt’s uses extend beyond flavoring. For example:
Laundry Helper: In countries like Italy, it’s not uncommon to see grandmothers using coarse salt when boiling pasta. But did you know that adding a handful to your washing machine can soften fabrics? It does this by combating limescale in water, ensuring that the laundry is treated gently, economically, and efficiently.
Reviving Fabrics: Whether it’s making old jeans look as good as new or ensuring towels remain soft, coarse salt is the secret ingredient. It not only prevents white clothes from turning yellow but also reinvigorates the colors of dyed fabrics. For optimal results, before machine washing, soak clothes in water with a generous pinch of coarse salt.
Bay Leaves Beyond Cooking:
The incredible properties of bay leaves make them not just essential for culinary dishes but also as a natural remedy around the home.
In essence, salt and bay leaf are modest yet potent tools that offer incredible solutions, with little to no additional cost. It’s time to harness their full potential, both in the kitchen and beyond.
Credit: Foody24

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