This is why you need to start freezing lemons

Nothing is wasted from the lemon. Did you know that its peel contains 15 times more Vitamin C than its juice? In this article, we explain how to make the most of all the properties of the lemon.

The flavonoids contained in the lemon, particularly tangeretin and limonoids, can block the formation and growth of tumor cells. This effect has been demonstrated in tests on laboratory animals with human breast cancer cells.

To fully utilize the properties of the lemon, you should consume everything: including the peel and seeds. Below we explain how to do this.

By freezing a whole lemon or one cut into pieces, it becomes possible to grate it and consume all parts. Grated frozen lemon is refreshing and is perfect as an addition to drinks, smoothies, fresh salads, or fruit salads.

Credit: Foody24

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